Business Card Stock

Business Card Stock

Unless you work for a printing company, the chances of getting confused is high as plenty of options of business card stock are available in the market today. Being creative with the type, thickness, lamination, and more can really set you apart. There are hundreds of card stocks available in the market, if not thousands. You can reduce the confusion by categorizing the paper according to the budget, type, style, etc. Most of the options of business card stock paper fall in the categories such as card stock, glossy stock, matte, and many others. These days most people need not have to go to any shop for buying these stocks as one can buy over the net as it is the most convenient way of buying.

Types of card stocks

Card stock papers are heavy weighed paper used in various project. Some prefer these kinds of papers to make business cards, but there are also metal card stocks as well. Business cardstock can be categorised in 3 different types depending upon the printing of the cards that is whether it has been printed on paper, cardboard, or on anything. Wedding cards have a wide variety & are the most attractive. While selecting a card it’s best to focus on the quality. Color pages & ribbons can make the wedding card stock look very attractive. Other stock paper such as plastic card or metal card are perfect for setting companies apart.

For many companies, basic business card stock is the preferred choice for being cost effective. As the name suggest, paper stock is paper whereas cardboard is of cardstock. It can also be used for craft work. Therefore one could expect the stock paper to be long-lasting & durable. There are many types of card stock paper available in the market like glossy, ivory, synthetics, silk laminated & etc. One of the lowest price options is glossy stock business cards but it has a drawback which is that because of its coating it is not writable again. For high quality, silk limited cards or suede laminated should be preferred as the name suggests it gives a unique texture as it has silk smooth texture. Though it is little expensive than glossy card stock but still it is cost effective therefore most of the people or firm are preferring these cards.

Paper Stock

As the name suggests paper stock is one of the cheapest options available because of its simple material. Because of its price it is the most commonly preferred card stock paper. Those whose budget is less prefer this because of its cost-effective nature.

Other Stock

The last but not the least third type is known as other stock, it also includes things like metal business cards, translucent poly frost plastic business, magnetic cards & plastic business cards. It is the costliest among all three it is basically the double or triples the cost of any cardstock paper/ product. This stock comprises with slim, translucent card stock. If you’re looking for metal card stock, you should look into Metal Business Kards

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