Creative Business Cards For Small Businesses

Creative Business Cards For Small Businesses

There are a lot of ideas out there about what makes a creative business card for small business. As more and more people are affected by the economic downturn and changing economy, many are looking to cash in on their talents to make extra income with a side gig or new products and services. Others are diving in headfirst to start up their very own small business. If you’re looking to start a new business, or rebrand your existing company, you need a creative business card.

One key strategy to help jumpstart your business and maintain its growth is networking.

Everyone doing business has to get their name and information about their product or services out there. A great way to do this is to have creative, effective business cards to leave with people you meet.

The Benefit of Creative Business Cards for Small Business is they are easily attainable.

Creative, eye-catching business cards can be printed relatively cheaply. Really making an impression might cost a hair more, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Creative business cards are transferable, meaning that people tend to pass them on to others who might need your services. And, they make you directly accessible even if you haven’t set up a website yet or created printed marketing materials. We will discuss how to visually enhance your business cards so that they do their jobs.

Do’s and Don’ts to get effective, creative business cards for small business


1. Use your well-designed logo and display it prominently. The first step in a creative business card is showing your brand.

2. Make sure your company info is correct. Check and double check your name, position, company, phone and fax numbers, website, blog, tagline etc.

3. Tell people what you do. The card should describe your business and specify why they should do business with you, instead of your competition. Use both sides if you can afford it, so that you are not cramped for space. Plus, that’s more prime real estate for marketing your services.

4. Design it. (Using a stock/template card will look just like everyone else’s card.) You can easily do this yourself. Most companies allow you to upload your own design.

5. Better yet, hire a professional who will make sure the card is visually balanced and typographically pleasing.

6. Your card should reflect you. When appropriate, let your personality shine through, or give people visual cues about your skills.

7. If you want to splurge, some great ideas which include metal, embossing, metallic, quirky, cutouts, odd shapes and sizes, translucent, popups, textured and more. Of course be careful as some of these wouldn’t fit in standard business card holders. If most in your industry keep their contacts in a digital format or online, then go for it!


1. Use cheap paper. Buy the best you can afford to set the stage, like metal business cards.

2. Get free cards with a sponsor printed on the back.

3. Make type too big or too small or plaster it over a busy photo, rendering it completely illegible.

4. Place type too close to edge of the card, or use a template that looks unprofessional.

5. Read our Paper vs Metal Business Cards article to compare creative business card stocks

Follow these tips and you will be able to network effectively and leave a good, professional first impression wherever you go. Stay tuned for more posts follow Creative Business Cards for Small Business for web and print marketing and design tips.

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